Best GPS Tracking Device for Auto-Rickshaw

Best GPS Tracking Device for Auto-Rickshaw

May 8, 2019 / 6 Comments / 502 / Blog
Best GPS Tracking Device for Auto Rickshaw
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We see it is important that every vehicle owner  knows the importance of their vehicle hence buying a Best GPS tracking Device for Auto-Rickshaw is a smart decision .
Arovent Technologies provides Auto-Rickshaw tracking device “AT-OBD” which help you to protect your assets from theft .

AroGPS AT-OBD is an intelligent tracking device that with advanced features. The intelligent tracking system is a much-needed requirement in the world of vehicles. 

The features of AT-OBD are as follow :

  • Real-Time Fleet Tracking : Stay on top of your vehicle locations with best-in-class Google Maps.
  • Historical Activity Reporting : Always see history of your vehicle in your Desktop or Mobile phone through Mobile App.
  • Driver Safety Monitoring : Use our analytics & reports to improve driver performance & activities.
  • Exception Notifications & Alerts :Always Stay alert with notifications on your mobile through email or SMS.

Here are some highlights of AroGPS AT-OBD which helps you to make better decision for your Auto-Rickshaw –

  • Built-in-battery
  • Real Time Tracking
  • User define Geo-fence
  • Exception Notification
  • Historical Activity Reporting
  • Trace Playback Over Speed Alarm
  • Work with any 16 –pin OBD Interface cars
  • Power disconnect alarm & Low battery alarm

I personally recommend this device for your Auto-Rickshaw . The device shows a real time of tracking , accurate location and gives alert time to time which is quite important for tracking .

I used some GPS devices from AroGPS tracking system like AT-06 , AT-02 which shows real-time monitor tracking with visibility available on Desktop with real time updates on the motion, speed, and idling the management of fleet ended up being a lot easier.

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SO , Make Your Decision and Choose Best Device for your Auto-Rickshaw!!!!!!

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