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Aro GPS Portal Mobile Application

The Only Mobile Portal need to Track  your Vehicles

You can use any Android cell phones for Tracking your vehicle using ARO GPS Tracker Application .


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aro gps tracker mobile application

Step : 1 Web Portal of AroGPS Tracker is similar to a regular  desktop portal . It’s a mobile view of portal . You can see device report ,live route , geofence  etc using icons  present in top menu.

arogps tracker mobile application

STEP :2  You can Add , Remove , Edit Selected Device or Send Command using bottom menu icons

aro gps tracker mobile application

Step : 3  Preview travel report summary for a certain device using Device report icon 

aro gps tracker portal

STEP :4   Edit your account details , add groups , view  notification , driver list , saved commands using  settings icon

aro gps tracker mobile application

Step : 5  Add New device in Device list using  add device icon  and  track  real time exact location of your vehicle

aro gps tracker portal mobile application

STEP :6  remove  selected device from device list using remove  icon
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