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Turn Your Smart phones into GPS Tracking Device

ARO GPS Tracker

ARO GPS Tracker provides the best Mobile To Mobile Tracking Solution. ARO GPS Tracker app has been designed to track any mobile phones since the location can be checked from anywhere as long as the app is authorized to do so. It comes with Real Time Tracking, Analytics and Reporting features that enables you to monitor your family and employee phone.

  • It is also perfect for worrying parents as they can install the app on their child’s phone and know their whereabouts at all times.
  • Other than for personal uses, many businesses are also taking advantage of this solution to track their employees and vehicles.
  • Fleet management and delivery solutions companies can keep updated on the location of their assets at all times and update customers or clients in case of any delays.
  • We offer a variety of reports in various formats, so you can analyze and visualize in depth the data of your vehicles.
MobileToMobile Tracking
M2M Tracking

ARO GPS Locator

Aro GPS Client app needs to be installed on the phone that you need to track.

Mobile phones that have the application configured can be tracked through the aroventgpsportal.com website which is accessible via PC, mobile phones and all other smart devices. A map shows the real-time location of the phone even while it is on the road. You can also preview the travel history for a certain mobile phone or set up alerts to be sent directly to your phone at timed intervals. You can download the ARO GPS Locator on all Android devices.

User Manual

1. First Download and Install ARO GPS Tracker & ARO GPS Locator from Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Google App Store

2. Login to Aro GPS Tracker with the Email Id provided by our team.

3. After logging in make sure to allow location access. Now Press the three dots on a device and select Web View and go to web portal.

App Web View
Add New Device

4. To Track the mobile location, you need to add the device identifier. You can find device identifer in ARO GPS Locator App, need to installed on the phone that you need to track.

In ARO GPS Web portal, Press “+” button to add a new device. Add the Name and Device Identifier.

6. Go to the ARO GPS Locator App and press the “Service Status”  and Allow the location access, switch to start tracking.

Service Status Enabled
App Access

Now, you can track your phone online in real time. See phone’s location on PC or another smartphone.

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